Protect Your Business with a Full Security System

commercial-alarm-systemAre you worried about security when it comes to your business? It may be time to put in a business burglar alarm system to protect your business from random intruders. You might think that a commercial security system might be the same as a home security alarm, but they’re actually very different. Businesses require a different type of security that is tailored to the needs of the building and safety. There are many options when it comes to the structure of your business alarm system that may be considered.

Some techniques you may not have considered as a business owner would be a strobe light. This bright flashing light placed just outside the building or front door draws eyes to the business after hours and makes intruders very evident since no one is typically around the business once it’s closed. A panic button that is hidden is a great option for retail type businesses that add an extra layer of defense with an alarm that can be triggered in event of an emergency. Motion detectors placed in certain locations are also excellent for businesses as they are automatic alerts to intruders. If you do go this route, make sure that your detectors are clear of debris and blocking so that they have a clear range to react to changes in motion.

Outside lighting is a big factor in fending off unwanted intruders. Many business owners go with the strobe, but having lighting set up outside consistently lighting up the whole front deters a surprisingly high amount of crime. An invader wants to avoid the police being called, alarms going off, or being caught. A business that has outside lighting is already highlighting their presence and the odds of a business with lighting having video surveillance and alarms is that much more likely in the mind of a criminal.

Don’t Forget to add CCTV Cameras

Burglars and intruders can break in to your business in ways that are unusual, inventive, and crafty. They often will cut through the wall of a neighboring business in order to get access to your location. Whether metal or sheet rock, burglars will stop at nothing to get to the valuables located within your business. CCTV and surveillance video monitoring are also great tools that can identify intruders and alert to their presence. Glass break detectors are a smart idea for businesses in strip centers with glass fronts as well. As a last measure, owners can use a horn siren. Loud noises will immediately deter whatever intruders have decided to try and break in. Remember, a successful business needs a business burglar alarm system to protect its assets and stay secure. Fend off intruders and start protecting your business today.

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